From: hendon swift
Date: Tue Jul 1 06:01:48 2003
Message: b4 I 4get congrats

Keep the spirit and dream alive!

From: Hendon Swift
Date: Tue Jul 1 05:56:46 2003
Message: Great site, those in the knoww will remember me from th 196
convention, particularly the R.E.C graduates (The prominant
English gentleman!)

From: David (Switzerland)
Date: Mon Jun 16 14:21:13 2003
Message: Hi everybody! I'm the Swiss who played 2nd baritone with
John Laing Hendon in 1995/96... if anybody from that time
is still with the band, i'd love to hear from you! :-)

From: PhilSparke
Date: Tue Mar 25 20:33:51 2003
Message: Many congrats on your 6th place at Stevenage. Was this
because Gordon was conducting, or because he wasn't playing
the trombone !!


From: Barney Ashworth
Date: Thu Mar 13 00:10:58 2003
Message: Hey everybody,
wish you well for the weekend's contest in Stevenage,
I will be competing at some stage that day !! NO idea when
our draw is !! Hope you have a good one, play really well,
and maybe see you in the bar after ?!

Good luck


From: wheelerterri
Date: Tue Mar 11 16:16:36 2003
Message: Anyony remember Henry Bicknell, my dad played for the Hayes
and Harlington band for more than 30 years, my brother Alan
played and also my sister Jacci, and my godfather Den
Parsons, went to Holland with the bandwhen I was about
6.Has anyone got any more phots of the band. Dad keeps in
touch with some of the old band members.would love to hear
from anyone who can remember us.

From: johndenham
Date: Mon Dec 30 22:54:17 2002
Message: You share my name
good luck

Date: Mon Oct 7 11:00:48 2002
Message: do you have any information on my great uncle tony Thorpe

From: hilary Spiers
Date: Tue May 7 18:44:52 2002
Message: Nice web site

Hope you like ours too, shame about whit Friday

From: Eddy Claxton
Date: Fri Mar 1 20:42:29 2002
URL: http://
Message: Hello from Sydney
Good luck in the forthcoming area Contest



From: Giuseppe
Date: Fri Feb 22 22:29:18 2002
Message: Congratulations on the presentation and information
contained in your website.

From: Sam Upton
Date: Mon Jan 28 19:53:42 2002
URL: http://
Message: Looking forward to hearing you play in Pinner on August
11th 2002.

Date: Fri Jan 11 15:47:03 2002
URL: http://
Message: Could you please help me locate any CDs of your Music from
10 years or so ago.I would appreciate Titles and Recording
Companies names. Thank you for your help, Ken Pitts

From: grds
Date: Wed Dec 19 10:36:38 2001
URL: http://
Message: nice site

From: gerry
Date: Sun Nov 25 16:21:22 2001
URL: http://
Message: test